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Promoting Colon Cancer Awareness

Great sources of colon cancer information around the web:

Dave Barry: A journey into my colon -- and yours
This humorous story of Dave Barry's personal experience with his first colonoscopy does a great job of setting expectations and dispelling the fears commonly associated with the procedure. "Dave Barry has been at The Miami Herald since 1983. A Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary, he writes about issues ranging from the international economy to exploding toilets."

American Cancer Society: Colon Testing Saves Lives
"Colorectal cancer is often highly treatable. If it is found and treated early (while it is small and before it has spread), the 5-year survival rate is about 90%. But because many people are not getting tested, only about 4 out of 10 are diagnosed at this early stage when treatment is most likely to be successful."

Colon Cancer Alliance
"The Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) is a national patient advocacy organization dedicated to ending the suffering caused by colorectal cancer. In order to increase rates of screening and survivorship, CCA provides patient support, education, research and advocacy across North America."

C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition, Awareness & Education
"C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization that fights colorectal cancer through research, empowerment and access. C3 pushes for research to improve screening, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer; for policy decisions that make the most effective colorectal cancer prevention and treatment available to all; and for increased awareness that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable."

University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, Signs & Symptoms
A brief overview of common signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with colorectal cancer.

Genetic Health: Colonoscopy Versus Sigmoidoscopy
"The relative merits of colonoscopy versus sigmoidoscopy in colon cancer screening has been a source of ongoing debate. The July issue of The New England Journal of Medicine featured two articles and an editorial suggesting that colonoscopy is superior to flexible sigmoidoscopy as a colon cancer screening method. However, experts worry that the articles send the wrong message. That people get regular screening of some sort is more important than what screening tests are used, they say."